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BCDC Renter Resources Project

Welcome to the Renter Resources Project!

My name is Bonnie Bastien and I am the tenant organizer for the Brookline Community Development Corporation (BCDC). I am extremely excited to launch the Renter Resources Project! My hope is to make information more available to renters about the resources you have available to you and to increase your understanding of your rights as tenants, what to do when you run into problems, and information about anything housing related happening in Brookline. We need to level the playing field a little in this housing crisis. While some of the info provided in the Renter Resources Project will be Brookline-specific, much of it will be useful in the greater Boston area and across the state as well.

The Renter Resources Project has 2 components:

  1. The Renter Resources page on the BCDC website which centralizes all of the information and resources for renters onto one page. At the top of the Renter Resources page, you will find BCDC programs like our Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program (currently closed as we work to find more funding), BCDC’s First-Time Homebuyer Programs, and a list of upcoming renter events and other important dates. At the bottom there are lists of emergency resources for basic needs, information about tenants’ rights, tools for eviction defense, housing code check lists for use in advocating for repairs, information about forming tenant unions, and info about Brookline Town government, and public policy issues pertinent to you. Visit Renter Resources
  2. The Renter Resources email which spotlights the resources provided on the web page plus info on upcoming events, housing issues in the news, and anything else relevant at the moment. Join our Renter Resources Email List

Presently, the Emergency Resources section is up and running! This is where you will find help with critical needs including:

  • Emergency aid for sudden illness
  • Financial assistance
  • Resources for unhoused people and people on the verge of becoming unhoused
  • Resources for those with incarcerated loved ones
  • Resources for LGBTQIA people and youth in crisis

The “Tools, Guides, and Lists” and “Brookline Town Government and Public Policy Info” sections will be coming online soon.

I am excited about the Renter Resources Project and the potential it holds to empower and galvanize renters across Brookline towards better and more just living conditions! Please share this resource with other renters, particularly in Brookline. Thank you, again, for subscribing!

**It is important to keep in mind that the staff at BCDC are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. You can find some options here.**