Community Engagement

Community Engagement and Building the Safety Net

Social safety net programs protect families from the impact of economic shocks, natural disasters, and other crises. Brookline has a poverty rate of over 10%, which means that there are many residents going to bed hungry, worrying about their housing, paying for child care and unsure how they will have transportation to get to work. These are everyday issues here and Covid has only highlighted the problems.

We believe that the end users of services are best able to evaluate their problems and how to solve them. Cash has proven to be an effective means for not only delivering services, but breaking down barriers to some needed services. We are excited by pilot programs that have provided a guaranteed income in several cities in Massachusetts and across the country and seek partners to develop such an approach in Brookline.

BCDC will, working with partners, help to identify efficient ways to deliver service and to help our residents get to a place where they need less financial assistance. BCDC will use a data-driven approach to evaluating success. It will advocate for clear outcome measures that will lead to program refinements and success.

We are working to ensure that planning for a more inclusive community engages all of the current residents of our community and we will continue to work hard to ensure the engagement of marginalized communities in public and civic life in Brookline.
Stay tuned for announcements about our planned safety net conference this winter and subsequent conversations.