Decarbonize BCDC’s Housing

Decarbonizing and Improving BCDC’s Housing

BCDC is working to make our properties healthier and more environmentally friendly by decarbonizing the properties and upgrading building systems. This means that we are working to improve the energy efficiency of the properties and to reduce or eliminate the use of carbon fuels for cooking and for heating. We are also making other necessary improvements that will improve the livability of these affordable homes.

Renovations such as improvements to central heating and cooling systems and the replacement of vinyl siding for one property will reduce energy use and make BCDC’s properties more comfortable places to live.

Decarbonizing will both improve indoor air quality and comfort for residents and reduce carbon emissions, a community-wide goal for Brookline. Ensuring BCDC’s properties are energy efficient and sustainable benefits both BCDC’s tenants and the town of Brookline as a whole.