Giving to BCDC

Brookline CDC began its new chapter more than two years ago. At that time, we promised to build an effective voice for the needs of low and moderate-income people in Brookline. Please join that voice as we continue to build an organization focused on creating and preserving affordable housing in Brookline leading to economic empowerment of historically disadvantaged communities in Brookline.

Donate Today and Be a Voice for Change in Brookline!

Your donation provides BCDC with the resources to:

  • Develop affordable housing that allows people to thrive
  • Help families achieve long-term financial security
  • Help families who find themselves in a crisis
  • Improve and maintain the quality of our existing housing stock
  • Build new leadership and advocate for equitable policies

We invite you to generously support the families, children, and community members who we serve every day.

What is the Community Investment Tax Credit Program (CITC)?

The Community Investment Tax Credit program is designed to inspire giving to community development corporations. Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) donations provide you with a 50% tax credit through the State of Massachusetts, even if you do not owe any income taxes. That means that you or your company can make a $1,000 impact on BCDC while only spending $500! A minimum $1,000 donation is required in order to receive the tax credit.

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