First-Time Homebuyers Program

First-Time Homebuyers Program

The Brookline CDC believes that supporting low and moderate income Brookline residents in becoming homeowners is vital to expanding economic opportunity and creating more inclusive housing.

The Roadmap Program

This program provides a “roadmap” to homeownership for subsidized housing tenants. BCDC has partnered with the Brookline Housing Authority and their Self-Sufficiency Program to create this annual first-time homebuyer series. The Roadmap consists of personal finance workshops, an info session on buying a home, guest speakers that will tell their story of how they went from living in subsidized housing to becoming a homeowner and more! The series consists of:

  • Financial Wellbeing Workshop Sessions – In this 2-part workshop attendees will gain a better understanding of how financial choices impact wellbeing and learn practical tips and best practices for better money management. The sessions review:
    • How to create SMART financial goals
    • The importance of tracking expenses to eliminate leaks and fraud
    • How to create a personal budget to build savings
    • The impacts of credit
    • Steps to help raise your credit score
  • Homebuyer 100: An Intro to Purchasing a Home – This is an info session that provides an overview of the homebuying process and tools to evaluate if homeownership is right for you. This info session includes a guest speaker that will talk about how they were able to go from living in subsidized housing to becoming a homeowner!

The next Roadmap Program is scheduled for May 9th, 16th, and 23rd 2024.

If you are a tenant living in subsidized housing you can register here!

BCDC First-Time Homebuyers Program

This is a first-time homebuyer series that is aimed at low-moderate income residents, but is open to anyone. This series will include a financial education aspect and an intro to the home buying process. It will also include a presentation of first-time homebuyer resources and Brookline specific information on affordable home purchasing.

Coming soon!

BCDC First-Time Homebuyer Assistance Program

The BCDC First-Time Homebuyer Assistance Program provides a $5k grant to households living in Brookline that earn 80%> of area median income. This grant can be applied to down payment or closing costs for the purchase of a home in Massachusetts.

This program will be launching in May!!