The Problem

As rents and home prices in Brookline rise to become some of the highest in the nation, many residents find themselves on the wrong side of severe housing inequality -- especially people of color and those with disabilities.

The Solution

The Brookline Community Development Corporation (BCDC) is fighting housing inequality by supporting low and moderate income households by developing and managing decent, safe, affordable housing for Brookline residents, through increasing access to rental assistance, and through supporting tenant organizing.

Brookline's Housing Challenge

Brookline is a community of housing paradoxes. Despite a reputation and reality that it is a wealthy community with very high housing prices and expensive homes, more than half of Brookline’s residents are renters and many of those renters are cost burdened.

Affordable Housing Resources

How to Apply for Affordable Housing in Brookline
For information on how to apply for affordable housing opportunities in Brookline, go to the Town of Brookline’s Affordable Housing page.

Expanding Affordable Housing

BCDC is constantly working to expand affordable housing opportunities for Brookline residents. This work includes analyzing land/properties to purchase and working with architects and engineers to create development plans.

Decarbonizing and Improving BCDC’s Housing

BCDC works to make its properties safer, more accessible, and eco-friendly through decarbonization. Ensuring BCDC’s properties are energy efficient and sustainable benefits both BCDC’s tenants and the town of Brookline as a whole.

Decarbonize Brookline Housing