Partners & Supporters

Partners & Supporters

Brookline Community Development Corporation’s vision for the next 40 years is to create successful partnerships and programs to improve access to decent, safe and sanitary affordable housing leading to better health outcomes, economic prosperity, security, and quality of life for those of lesser financial means that ultimately benefits the entire community.

BCDC Partners

We work with a number of organizations in the community and in the region to achieve our goals. Below is a list of organizations that we have worked with recently and continue to partner with.

  • Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation
  • Black Economic Council of Massachusetts
  • Brookline Community Foundation (BCF)
  • Brookline for Everyone (B4E)
  • Brookline Housing Authority (BHA)
  • Brookline for Racial Justice and Equity
  • Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA)
  • Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO)
  • Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporation (MACDC)
  • Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP)
  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities
  • Metrowest Community Development Corporation
  • Town of Brookline
  • Partnership Vision

BCDC is committed to building a thriving and more diverse community. We work closely with neighborhood groups, residents, local businesses, the Town, and state and federal partners to secure resources to aid in the development and preservation of affordable housing. And this will, simultaneously, support economic development opportunities for businesses and individuals, and build a thriving and more level playing field for all residents, regardless of race, gender, ability, age or income. BCDC wants to ensure that low-and-moderate income renters that seek to become homeowners can fulfill their dreams of homeownership.

Partnership with the MBTA Communities Initiative

As part of the MBTA Communities Initiative, BCDC is excited to participate in setting ambitious goals for new housing and affordable housing for Brookline. Partnering is essential, and we look forward to working with you in achieving our affordable housing goals. BCDC will develop housing for the benefit of our lowest income neighbors, our workforce and people for whom market rate housing is unattainable.