Services & Programs

BCDC is committed to building a diverse and thriving community. We work closely with neighborhood groups, residents, local businesses, the Town, and state and federal partners to secure resources to aid in the development and preservation of affordable housing.

First-Time Homebuyers Program

Homeownership is one of the most difficult goals to achieve generally, and this is especially true for Brookline. BCDC is partnering with the Allston-Brighton Community Development Corporation (ABCDC) to offer education to primarily BIPOC First-Time Homebuyers. The First-Time Homebuyers Program offers an incentive in the form of a $5,000 grant to qualifying participants.

Support Tenant Organizing

Self determination is at the root of effective housing justice. As the first organization to found a tenant’s union in Brookline, BCDC has played a consistent role in ensuring that the rights of renters are understood and maintained. BCDC’s current role in tenant organizing is primarily as a convener, bringing together key people and identifying key training for tenants.

Eviction Prevention - Brookline Community Development Corporation

Renter Resources

Here you will find lots of information on BCDC programs and resources as well as many services, guides, and tools created by other organizations. This page is meant to be paired with our Renter Resources Email List that is sent out twice per month and spotlights the resources below, provides info on BCDC renter events, and anything else pertinent.

Emergency Rent Assistance (ERA)

As a result of Brookline’s incredibly high rents, many residents find themselves in very unstable housing situations and in need of financial assistance. This is why the Brookline CDC has partnered with Metro West Collaborative Development, Inc. (Metro West CD) to create the Emergency Rent Assistance (ERA) Program for residents of Brookline.

Child painting wall with parent

Community Engagement

Brookline CDC’s social safety net program protects families from the impact of economic shocks, natural disasters, and other crises. Brookline has a poverty rate of over 10%, which means that there are a great many residents going to bed hungry, worrying about paying for housing and child care, and unsure how they will find transportation to get to work. Despite potential hardships, there is no centralized entity to serve residents or evaluate the manner in which services have been provided.

Access to Opportunities

Brookline CDC is committed to providing access to housing and economic opportunities for Brookline residents.