Project Manager

Project Manager

BCDC is seeking a Project Manager to help create and execute a program for capital repairs for the two affordable housing properties in Brookline that it owns. The budget for these repairs is $500,000. Black and brown contractors are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals. Please scroll down to view the full details about this project, including how to submit a proposal and the information we need from you. Please contact Bob Van Meter (978) 621-6298 to obtain copies of the capital needs assessments.

Purpose of this RFP

Brookline Community Development Corporation (BCDC) is seeking to engage a Project Manager (“PM”) to help create and execute a program for capital repairs for the two affordable housing properties in Brookline that it owns. 154-156 Boylston Street is a six-unit apartment building for low-income families and 1017 Beacon Street is a sixteen-unit single-room-occupancy property in the Saint Mary’s neighborhood.

The budget for these repairs is just over $500,000 which will be funded with a portion of ARPA grant that was awarded to BCDC from the Town’s allocation of these federal funds. The PM will report to BCDC’s acting Executive Director.


BCDC (formerly known as Brookline Improvement Coalition) was founded forty years ago to partner with the Town of Brookline to preserve units of affordable housing that were at risk of going “market” in the wake of expiring rent control. Over time, BCDC has preserved more than fifty affordable housing units, of which twenty-two units remain under BCDC ownership.

BCDC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation governed by a diverse board of Brookline residents and it is an equal-opportunity employer. The properties each have third-party managers: Boylston Street is managed by the Mackin Group, and the Beacon street SRO by the Pine Street Inn.

Project Manager’s Scope of Work

The two subject properties are fully occupied and are in generally good condition. There are areas in which capital needs have been deferred or neglected. BCDC expects to own and operate properties that are in excellent condition.

In furtherance of this goal, BCDC engaged the firm, Onsite/Insight to complete a Capital Needs Assessment (the “studies”). The Studies were completed in September of 2021 and are available for your review as you consider this RFP. We expect that these studies may guide and inform the capital repair projects, but they are explicitly NOT the scope of work for a variety of reasons that have been made clear to the stakeholders in the projects.

The Project manager will:

  1. Develop project scope-of work considering
    1. A Review of the Capital Needs Studies
    2. A walk-through of the properties
    3. Conversations with property managers and BCDC
    4. Identify the most then-urgent needs
    5. Conversation with contractors, some of which the PM will bring to the table
    6. If deemed necessary, supervise the hiring of architects and/or engineers to assist in the development of an appropriate scope of work.
  2. Bid the scope-of-work
    1. Identify contractors to whom requests for proposals will be made.
    2. Comply with hiring requirements
    3. Prioritize hiring of MBEs and WOBs
  3. Finalize budget and contracts
  4. Facilitate obtaining permits, insurance, and any other requirements of the town or funders
  5. Develop a plan for the work that mitigates inconvenience for the neighbors and the tenants to the degree possible
  6. Manage construction through project completion.
  7. Produce periodic reporting

Submission requirements

  1. The applicant will have read the Capital Needs Studies and visited the sites prior to submitting their response
  2. Demonstration of success with comparable engagements
  3. Strong references
  4. Please submit a short memorandum of no more than five pages with the following elements:
    1. Overall approach to the project
    2. Discussion of similar projects that the applicant has undertaken and overall qualifications for the project,
    3. Proposed fees/compensation for project management
    4. At least three references.
    5. Capacity to begin work on the project by December 12, 2022.
    6. Be able to meet in person or virtually with Brookline Community Development Corporation between November 28th and December 5thh

The Brookline Community Development Corporation does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, gender identity or gender expression, national origin, or on the grounds of age, or sex.

Please submit your response to the interim executive director: Bob Van Meter (978)621-6298 by Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 5PM.


Please contact Bob Van Meter to obtain copies of the capital needs assessments.