Supporting Tenant Organizing

Supporting Tenant Organizing

Tenant Organizing, Brookline Community Development CorporationOver half of Brookline residents are renters (51.7%). A recent report by the Brookline Community Foundation, “Economic Inequality in Brookline”, stated that the median gross rent in Brookline was $2,452 per month. Rents have risen since this data was collected and the report goes on to report that the median open market rent listed on Zillow in 2023 was nearly four thousand dollars per month.

Given these high rents, 44% of Brookline renter households are cost burdened ( pay more than 30% of their household income in rent) and 22% are severely cost burdened according to data from Mass Housing Partnership.

Brookline’s renter households include a disproportionate number of the community’s low and moderate income residents and people of color. Many of Brookline’s renters are housing insecure. The Brookline CDC is supporting efforts to increase both the ability of renters to organize themselves and increasing resources for individual renters to remain in their homes.

BCDC received a grant from the Brookline Community Foundation to begin a tenants union in Brookline. While one existed over twenty years, the needs persist. Tenant’s unions are driven and directed by residents. BCDC sees its role as a convener and as such will help with bringing key people to the table. Helping them to re-establish the legal framework and help it identify key training.

Tenant Organizer drop-in office hours: Wednesdays 10am-5pm, Thursdays 10am-5pm
You can also call, text, or email to schedule a time that works better for you
Tenant Organizer contact info: 617-942-0332